Media Conversion

HPAT offers services to convert your original media to the digital media of your choice.

For example your movies on film, video tapes, and memory cards

to digital DVD, Blu-ray or Flash drives

Fee per project - $10


$1.00 per gigabyte of video and


$1.00 per single layer DVD - $2.00 per duel layer DVD

$3.00 per 25GB Blu-ray - $5.00 per 50GB Blu-ray

Depending on choice

If you want the project on a flash drive you may bring your own or we can provide one.

We will call you when we know what capacity is required.

Editing such as titles, music, trimming/cutting will be subject to an additional

$5.00 charge

Additional copies of final project are as priced above per disc.

HPAT is not responsible for any damage that occurs to your film, tape, or equipment while in the conversion process.